Search Engine Marketing - SEO - in Cyprus

Is there anything special about SEO in Cyprus?

Yes and No, some SEO requirements are universal: 

technical SEO foundations

first you still need to get the technical SEO foundations right, independently of being targeted to Cyprus or elsewhere:
  • Metatags with the correct length,
  • Site hierarchy with h1 to h6 title formatting,
  • relevant 'Alt' and 'Title' tags on images and links
  • Robots.txt, 301 redirects, sitemaps
  • Page load times and correct server settings
  • Desktop, tablet, mobile versions or responsive design

but don't  overdo it, keyword stuffing is one common mistake by our so called SEO specialists in Cyprus, the Google Pinguin update will punish your rankings if Google starts thinking that your page is over optimized.


don't neglect keyword research in both main languages used in Cyprus: Greek and English

This is again an area that is neglected by most SEO agencies in Cyprus, it is not about what they think potential clients are searching for but what real searches are bringing targeted visitors to your site. Only professional  SEO agencies with access to highly sophisticated SEO keyword research and analysis programs will accomplish this step correctly.
A special mention regarding keyword research in Cyprus: or experience showed that often a search term is entered in Greek and if nothing's relevant is returned on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), a corresponding term in English entered. Depending on the device used, the search term 'red shes' might be entered in 
  • cyrillic Greek characters (κόκκινα παπούτσια), 
  • in anglicized characters (kokkina papoutsia)
  • or translated into english (red shoes).
All three search terms return different results that you need to take into account in your SEO for websites in Cyprus. 

Watch the WSI video on local SEO (applicable to Cyprus) 

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